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​Team Kanntera is a health and wellness company that was established to deliver high-quality anti-aging and wellness products designed to make an actual difference in a person’s wellbeing, increasing quality of life with out the feelings of getting high and not feeding into addictions. We believe that if we just stick to helping people purely that the message will get out about our intentions, we are here to make money yes but in the most ethical way possible. While many advancements have been made in the health and beauty industry, the available solutions are still found lacking by consumers, which is why the movement has shifted to stronger and better ingredients. One such new ingredient is the use of Champaca oil on its own in our product line/s. Champaca is fast becoming the accepted standard thanks to its purported health benefits ranging from stress management to pain management along with a number of wellness related concerns. That’s why our mission is a simple yet powerful one. We strive to deliver true high-quality wellness products to our customers to bring about a better quality of life.

Champaca is known as a potent compound. Unlike THC gets you high, but with Champaca you will not ever get any, not even a slight buzz off of Champaca. Our Founder has drank a whole bottle of Champaca and he just felt great all day and nothing really changed except the obvious positive health benefits, like mental clarity, more focused energy, better sleeps and less aches and pains, which means you can focus on the support and relief you need for your body and mind.


Champaca has been noted for its effectiveness in treating everything from stress and anxiety to acne and pain along with many other concerns that keep a person from realizing their best selves. While hemp is relatively new to the health and beauty industry, that doesn’t mean we’re willing to compromise our standards when it comes to the wellbeing and safety of our customers.

That’s why we focus on ensuring every product is backed by pharmaceutical-grade Lab Tests. Our Broad Spectrum hemp Champaca that contains 0.0% THC.

Our team believes in providing the cleanest, naturally pure source of flower in the world. Which is why we’re proud to inform our customers of our unique extraction process, which ensures that every milligram of flower is as pure as possible. Our medical-grade Lab tested solutions feature flower that has obtained the following certifications and records of compliance:

  • 0% THC (All sources are third-party Lab tested)

  • FDA approved facility

  • Our confidence stems from not only the infusion of our oils and products but also the use of a higher concentration of active ingredients for a better broad-spectrum solution.

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