Includes 1 bdr session (1hr) per week for 90 days.


BDR stands for Breast Density Reduction. Ryan started Massage therapy in 1996, and went to college full time in 1999 studying massage for 1 year. After thousands of clients Ryan has created his own copyrighted health system. BDR-Breast Density Reduction.


When breasts are less dense, and less toxin congested , and circulating properly, some clients have experience side effects of fuller, lifted, larger size differences. Results may vary up. Many Females thinking about getting breast enlargements are trying BDR first!


The most size any client has ever got is 5 inches around their bust in 1 BDR session. The government bodies that educate the public on Breast cancer prevention are not educating on the great benefits of using massage therapy, etc.


Over 25 years experience in massage and body energy work. Ryan has 100 testimonials upon request. BDR massage (Breast Density Reduction) is known for correcting imbalances. Ryan has a formula dialed in so that he knows if his treatments will work for some Women size differences. BDR was originally designed as a tool to help prevent breast cancer, and combined with custom oils of course.


At a young age, Team Kannteras founder has had the ability to see energy, auras around People, Trees, Pets, etc. ​​ In the 90's our Teams Founder was drawn to metaphysical energy, massage, fitness, essential oils. At the age of 15 years old, achieving certificates in Rapid Eye Technology, Silva Method, Therapeutic Touch and many others. Now Ryan is completing his Doctor in Healing Energy. ​


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90 day BDR program