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At a young age, Team Kannteras founder has had the ability to see energy, auras around People, Trees, Pets, etc. 

Ryan has approximately hundreds of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, etc.

In the 90's our Teams Founder was drawn to metaphysical energy, massage, fitness, essential oils. At the age of 15 years old, achieving certificates in Rapid Eye Technology, Silva Method, Therapeutic Touch and many others. Now Ryan is completing his Doctor in Healing Energy.

It is true that the Founder does Positive energy work, with sound and meditation, and many other creative energy work for each and every product before orders get shipped out.

It all started in the 90s when Ryan was prescribed ativan to help with his severe debilitating anxiety attacks, sometimes leaving him in the hospital. At the time in a small town in Alberta using green and plant medicine was forbidden and frowned upon. But green worked so well for anxiety attacks and other condition/s.


Ryan decided to follow his instincts and not take the prescription drugs and instead use greens instead.


Although his doctor prescribed ativan. Founder didn't want to be caught with plant medicine for he wanted to maintain a professional status in his community (college for 4 years studying health, wellness and fitness in the 90s)


In summary Ryan decided to use green plant medicine instead of taking the little blue prescription drug ativan. 

Since then, our Founder has helped everyone from MS, to sleeping disorders, to addictions, to athletes, to doctors, to pretty much everyone you can think of. Ryan has helped all types of people with all types of ailments that can be potentially helped with specific flowers. Our Founder doesnt claim to cure. Ryan just wants to help as much as possible.

Our founder has many patents, tm, copyrights, and just expanded into a new 5000 sqft health facility. To more info on our products or services or get directions and or to learn more contact us anytime. 

Ryans 1st book (Kindle only)